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Celebration Cakes

Where do I start – I find that most cake makers simply don’t bake the type of cakes I do, in fact, they don’t bake the cake at all, they buy them in ready baked!  I make everything at home, fresh – and model everything by hand.  I have a passion for making all my cakes.

Your cake(s) can take any form at all – for example, you can choose to have a cake with a 3D creation on top, or your
entire cake shaped in a particular way. Let me give you an example, you could have a cake with a photo of a monkey on,
or a cake with a 3D monkey on top, or a cake shaped like a monkey!

I love to make them all!

If you know what you want then get in touch and I can work on that creation for you to meet your needs – if you have
little idea or even no idea of where to start then please look at my previous cakes or simply give me a call/email -
I have tons of ideas and lots of suggested areas for you to look at other cakes and I can use a picture you find to create
a cake for you.


Providing you with a price that is 100% accurate without knowing your exact requirements is quite difficult.
The main variables are:

  • Rising cost of raw ingredients – e.g. eggs, flour, caster sugar, butter, icing (I have managed to absorb this
    and prevent rises in costs to date)
  • Amount of 3D work required (e.g. a 3D Starwars cake costs more due to work required than a cake with
    a picture of a Starwars figure on)
  • Size of Cake(s)
  • Number of Cakes (Tiers/Cup Cakes). As a guide my large cakes (celebration cakes) start at £49 and give
    30 party sized portions

Thank you for looking and I hope to work with you soon.